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Most important dates


The company is established by Brynjulf ​​Lindemann in 1967, which he runs with his son, Soeren Lindemann. Soeren Lindemann is a trained mechanic with a passion for cars and product development. The company’s primary occupation at the time is the import of a wide range of products such as spare parts and accessories for private car owners.


Brynjulf ​​Lindemann retires and Soeren Lindemann takes over the company. By that time the company has changed its business focus to the development and sale of fuel additives and lubricants for private car owners.


Lindemann signs an exclusive agreement with Nulon, Australia, to manufaturing and sales of a number of products under license from Nulon to the European market. Nulon is a manufacturer of motor oils and lubricants for cars. It does not take long before Nulon products become popular with consumers in Denmark and other European countries.
In addition to distributing Nulon products in Europe, the company begins to develop their own additives, greases and lubricants for motor vehicles, industrial solutions and maritime sector.


Lindemann receives the permission from DuPont to use PTFE for the production of additives.


However, there are other companies on the European market, called Nulon working in other industries. With the continual developments of products there is a high risk of name Nulon, that is why it is decided to change the product name to own brand ABCON. That same year, the company expands its production facilities, moves to Allerød, 25 km north of Copenhagen, and decides to focus 100% on making its own products under the new ABCON brand.


2007 is the year for the third generation of the Lindemann family to take over the company. Simon Lindemann, Søren Lindemann’s son, becomes CEO of Lindemann Performance Products. Simon Lindemann shares his grandfather’s and father’s passion for cars and is a trained mechanic. Søren Lindemann continues to work in the company as a technical adviser.


At the end of 2012 it was decided to faze out our old ABCON brand and market the products under the familiy name and brand LINDEMANN.

Abcon, Lindemann              Lindemann Marine Products Logo


Lindemann moves again. This time to newly renovated building in Vaerebro industrial area only 35 km from Copenhagen, which houses more than 1000 m2 of production and warehouse facilities.

It has been a long planned and anticipated strategic move, which will allow the company to expand its production and storage capacity to keep up with the growing demand for our high quality additives and lubricants.



Lindemann Marine Products has received a Gazelle 2016 prize. Gazelle prize is given by the Danish financial magazine, Børsen. To win this title a company must satisfy a number of criteria, where the major one is the documented growth in turnover or gross profit for the past four years. Turnover or gross profit must be at least doubled over the past four years.