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What is MPS paste?

MPS additive range is developed, produced and distributed by Lindemann Marine Products, Denmark.

MPS Stop Leak is designed to stop and prevent oil leakage and water ingress in sub-sea propulsion systems such as stern tubes, bow thrusters, CPPs, stabilizers and rudders.

MPS Characteristics

  • Lubrication with solids
    MPS contains high concentration of PTFE and Bentonite
  • No water/oil emulsion
    MPS does not emulsify with oil or water.
  • Compatible with most oil types
    Oil is used as a carrier for solid particles, PTFE and Bentonite.
  • Broad working temperature range
    MPS tolerates temperatures – from -30° C to 260° C.

  • MPS contains seal revitalizing additive
    Compatible with FKM and NBR elastomers. MPS restores seals elasticity without swelling.
  • Surface treatment
    MPS polishes surface and fills in cracks of up to 2 mm. MPS provides static lubrication due to surface fluorination.
  • Anti-corrosion and EP properties
    MPS enhances corrosion protection and allows increased loads.

MPS Working Principles

See how our MPS Stop Leak products work

How to choose MPS product?

The choice of the correct MPS product depends on the following parameters:

  • Type of lubricant used in the system- oil or grease
  • Type of seal– face or lip seal
  • Type of leakage– oil loss or water ingress

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Decision Tree for choice of MPS additives

Benefits of MPS Products

  • Economic alternative to dry dock
  • No need to change oil
  • Less wear, reduced maintenance
  • Easy application
  • High success rate and long lasting effect
  • Know-how and realistic expectations
  • 24/7/365 technical support
  • On-site assistance by Lindemann technical team

Can MPS protect against corrosion?

MPS products operate in the environment with the high risk of water contamination. MPS products have been tested in its concentrated form and when used as 10% mix with both mineral and bio-degradable oil.


The results of anti corrosion SKF Water Emcor Test has shown no signs of corrosion even in the presence of 25 per cent of seawater.