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High Performance and Water Resistant EP Grease with PTFE


High Performance and Water Resistant EP Grease with PTFE. Blue-G has a continuous temperature operating range of –40° C to +260° C.

Blue-G grease is a superior multi-purpose grease with excellent lubrication characteristic for a wide range of anti-friction and plain bearings, gears and couplings in automotive, marine, agricultural and industrial applications.
The extreme pressure and anti-wear properties enable Blue-G grease to provide long service life under high shock and load conditions from low temperature to very high temperature environments.
Additionally Blue-G grease contains Teflon (PTFE) which offers residual lubrication under the most arduous of conditions as well as enhancing the extreme pressure characteristics of the grease.

Blue-G has a continuous temperature operating range of –40° C to +260° C.
Blue-G grease provides lubricating protection even for intermittent operation up to 260° C.
This feature is unique in that normal “no melt” greases offer reduced lubrication efficiency in this temperature range.
Blue-G has excellent shear stability which is critical, especially for the protection of sliding surfaces.
Blue-G grease has long service life due to the exceptional oxidation rust and corrosion resistance of Blue-G grease.
With extended service, Blue-G grease maintains its original consistency. It will not thicken as it resists oxidation and it will not thin out as it is shear stable.nWhere water contamination or water washout contaminating influences cannot be avoided, even at elevated temperatures, effective lubrication is maintained because of the excellent resistance of Blue-G to water washout.
In this situations Blue-G also gives rust and corrosion protection.
Blue-G grease is compatible with most grease except those gelled with bentone and aluminium complex thickeners. Where these greases have been used it is necessary to remove all traces of the offending grease prior to using Blue-G.
The inclusion of Teflon in Blue-G ensures the lowest possible coefficient of friction, particularly when tolerances are close and loads are extreme.




0.25 – 5 – 10 – 20 – 50 – 180 kg