Lindeman MPS products are greases produced on mineral oils, which were specially designed to stop leakages in stern tubes, thrusters and CPPs. They come in the grease form. MPS 896 is a blue grease, MPS 895 has green colour and MPS 896 Special Mix and MPS 898 have creme colour.

Lindemann MPS greases can be used on its own to lubricate stern tube or propeller systems or as an additive to convensional oil to enhance the wear protection properties and restore the sealing ability in both inner and outer seals. Our products can be mixed with all types of oil, including Bio oil.

Lindemann Marine team will be happy to provide you with the individual application instructions if you fill in the technical form and send us the drawings of the seal and the oil piping diagram.

To download the technical form, please, click on this link.

All our maritime products contain PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) particles, which have a more common name of Teflon. PTFE has the third lowest coefficient of friction of any know solid material and often is referred to as the “slipperiest surface known to man”.

Very high amount of teflon will due to friction imbed the wear surfaces during operation, repairing minor defects in the contact surfaces between shaft and seal that could reduce the life time of the seals.

Due to its high specific gravity (1,2 to 1,4) the product will automatically, assisted by the pressure from header tank, find its way to the stern tube bearing and seals immediately starting working on the reasons for an eventual oil leak thus restoring good sealing effect.

• Minimises initial start-up damage.
• Revitalizes seals giving back original flexibility.
• Endures pressure up to and above 137.800 Kpa/20.000 psi.
• Reduces possibility of seizing
• Reduces wear and friction
• Resists water washout
• Offers a high degree of residual lubrication

MPS paste will work equally well with most materials e.g. bronze, stainless steel or brass and rubber, asbestos and plastics.

All MPS products are compatible with mineral, vegetable, sythetic and most types of bio-degradable oils. Please, get in touch with us with the oil you have and we will be happy to provide you with a more detailed answer.

It is normal that the viscosity of the oil in you stern tube or other system will be higher after use of MPS paste, as it has a higher viscosity than oil does.

The additives used in MPS paste contain such metals as silicium, aluminium and iron. The traditional oil test will detect a higher than allowed amount of these elements and their compounds, which does not indicate that oil must be change. The level of these metals present in the oil will be reduced with time.